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Q1. API 576 section 3.3.1: system pressures
The amount by which the pressure in a vessel rises above MAWPwhen the pressure-relieving device is fully open and discharging is known as?



Q2. API 576 section 3.3.3: system pressures
Generally speaking, which of the following is true for a pressure vessel (according to API 576)?



Q3. API 576 section 3.4: device pressures
What is backpressure?



Q4. API 576 section 3.4.7: CDTP
Cold differential test pressure (CDTP) is:



Q5. API 576 section 4.1: pressure relief valves (PRV)
In API 576, the term ‘PRV’ refers to:



Q6 API 576 section 4.2.2: safety valve limitations
Can safety valves be used in corrosive service without being isolated from the process fluid by a ruptured disc on the inlet side?



Q7. API 576 section 4.3: the relief valve
What is the fundamental difference between the opening characteristic of a relief valve compared to that of a safety valve?



Q8. API 576 section 4.9.3: rupture disc limitations
Which of the following damage mechanisms (DMs) would be unlikely to affect conventional rupture discs, causing the premature failure?



Q9. API 576 section 5.3: failed springs
Failed PRV springs are almost always caused by:



Q10. API 576 section 5.5: plugging and sticking
Which of the following is unlikely to be a cause of sticking of a valve disc in its guide?



Q11. API 576 section 5.8: PRV handling
Rough handling of a PRV can result in problems with seat leakage. The standard used to specify PRV leakage is?



Q12. API 576 section 5.8.1: handling during shipment
In order to minimize the chances of damage to PRV seating surfaces, PRVs should be shipped:



Q13. API 576 section 6.2.1: safety aspects of PRV inspection
Before removing PRVs from the plant, it is an important safety requirement to check that:



Q14. API 576 section 6.2.8: as-received pop pressure During its first as-received pop test, a PRV opens at 120 % CDTP. It is tested a second time and opens at 105 % CDTP (pressure considered acceptable under the applicable code).
Which pop pressure result should be used as the basis of determining the inspection interval for this PRV?



Q15. API 576 section 6.2.8: ‘as-received pop pressure
When is it acceptable for a user to waive the ‘as-received pop test on a very dirty PRV and still be in compliance with API 576?


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Take A Free API 576 Exam Practice Test - Quiz Course
Take A Free API 576 Exam Practice Test – Quiz Course

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