What are the Requirements for EN 1090 Testing and Certification?

Documentation Requirements for EN 1090 Testing and Certification

EN 1090 Testing and Certification is a quality management system for businesses that fabricate and construct steel and aluminum structures. It is a set of standards created by the European Union to ensure that these structures meet the essential performance and safety requirements. 

To obtain the CE Marking for their products and access the European market, manufacturers must comply with the following steps:

  1. Qualify their welders and welding procedures
  2. Implement and maintain a factory production control (FPC) system
  3. Have their FPC system certified by a third-party Notified Body
  4. Conduct type testing and issue a Declaration of Performance for their products

The EN 1090 standards also define four execution classes (EXC) that specify the level of engineering effort and quality control needed for different types of structures. The execution classes range from EXC 1 (simple structures with low consequences of failure) to EXC 4 (complex structures with high consequences of failure).

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