What is 1G Flat Welding Position?

Understanding the 1G Flat Welding Position: What Does it Entail?

1G – flat welding position
1G – flat welding position

The 1G welding position, also known as the flat position, is a situation where the pipe or plate is positioned horizontally, and the weld is performed on the top side. This position allows for easier access and better visibility of the weld joint.

In the 1G position, the welder can move around the pipe or plate to perform the weld. This position is used for various types of welds, including butt, groove, and fillet welds. The molten metal in this position is drawn downward, making it easier and faster to weld.

However, the exact techniques and procedures can vary depending on the specific welding process and material being used. Always refer to the specific welding procedure specification for the most accurate information

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