AWS CWI Part A – WIT Chapter 1

AWS CWI Part A – WIT Welding Inspection Technology Chapter 1—Welding Inspection and Certification – Latest 22 Question and Answers


Why is there an increasing need for weld quality?



What AWS document describes the rules for the CWI certification program?



Weld quality control should begin after welding has been initiated.



What are the three welding inspector certifications covered in AWS QC1?

e. None of the above



What is generally considered to be the most important quality of a welding inspector?

e. hold a certified welder certificate



The vision requirements for a CWI are near vision acuity on:



The acronym KASH stands for:



The welding inspector should have a basic understanding of:



The term used to describe a delay in the production schedule to permit inspection is:



Inspection report corrections should be made by:



A definition of ethics is:



For communications to be effective, it should form a “continuous loop.”



The welding inspector must often communicate with:



NDE personnel (other than CWIs) are typically certified to what document?



You must have a high school diploma to become a CWI



The CWI exam has several parts; these are:



The CWI exam requires that the AWS D1.1 Code be used for the open book code test.



The CWI exam contains three parts.



The title of the AWS standard A3.0 is:

e. none of the above



API Standard 1104 covers the fabrication of cross-country bridges.



Some of the approved codes/standards for the open book portion of the CWI exam are AWS D1.1, API 1104, AWS D1.5, and AWS D15.1.



Prior to starting a job assignment, the welding inspector should determine:



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AWS CWI Part A – WIT Welding Inspection Technology Chapter 1—Welding Inspection and Certification Question and Answers


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  1. For question#16, it surprised me a little as the correct answer showed “Fundamentals, basic, code”, but to my awareness it should be “Fundamentals, practical, code”.


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