Section 8 Inspection and Testing of Production Welds- CWI Part C

Quiz – Section 8 Inspection and Testing of Production Welds- CWI Part C- 7 Questions


Who determines the frequency of inspections?



Documentation of inspection personnel qualifications shall include which of the following?



How often shall Levels I and II NDT personnel be re certified?



Who determines the inspection method to be used?



Which of the following testing methods may not be used?



Nondestructive testing personnel shall be qualified in accordance with which of the following?



How often must Level III NDT personnel be re certified?


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Section 8: Inspection and Testing of Production Welds

8.1 Rights of Inspection

The company shall determine whether inspection will be non-destructive or destructive, whether the inspection will occur during or after welding, and the frequency of inspections.

8.2 Methods of Inspection

NDT will usually be radiographic testing but may be any method specified by the company. The acceptance criteria will be that found in either Section 9 or, at the company’s option, Annex A. The company has the right to accept or reject any weld that doesn’t meet the requirements for the method by which it was inspected. Welders who make welds that fail to meet production acceptance criteria maybe, but do not have to be, disqualified from further work.
Operators of NDT equipment may be required to demonstrate the inspection procedure’s ability to detect defects and the operator’s ability to interpret the indications given by the equipment. This is particularly important for highly sophisticated techniques like a phased array – UT and time-of-flight UT. Trepanning methods of testing shall not be used.

8.3 Qualification of Inspection Personnel

Welding inspection personnel shall be qualified by experience and training for the inspection task they perform. Those qualifications shall be acceptable to the company. Documentation of the qualifications shall be maintained by the company and shall address:

(a) Education and experience.
(b) Training.
(c) Results of any qualification examinations.

8.4 Certification of NDT Personnel

The certification of nondestructive testing personnel must be to the American Society for Nondestructive Testing’s (ASNT’s) Recommended Practice (RP) No. SNT-TC-1 A, ASNT’s Central Certification Program (ACCP), or any other nationally recognized program with company approval. Only Level II or III personnel are permitted to interpret test results.

A record of certified NDT personnel shall be maintained by the company. All levels of NDT personnel shall be recertified at intervals no greater than five years or sooner if required by the company or if a question arises about their competence.

Vision examinations are required for all NDT personnel.

The near-distance visual acuity requirement is the ability to read a Jaeger Number 1 test chart or equivalent at a distance of no less than 1 2 inches, documented by a test administered at least annually.

The color contrast requirement is the ability to differentiate between the colors used in the NDT method, documented by a test administered at least every five years.

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