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You are working as an inspector in a galvanizing plant for the first time.
What are some of the hazards you need to be aware of:



The number of air turns in an enclosure can be affected by all of these EXCEPT



Which surface preparation method uses a dilute acid solution to remove laitance and roughen the concrete surface?



When measuring the Dry Film Thickness Of liquid coatings applied to galvanized ferrous substrates the most commonly used instrument is the:



You are the NACE Level 2 Inspector with the final responsibility to prepare the final report for a very large structural steel shop project which has gone very well. It is due next week. The work has been ongoing for two years and several NACE Level 1 inspectors have worked under your supervision throughout the project. You find you are missing one week of daily reports for the night shift from the very beginning of the project and despite your best efforts they are cannot found. Your FIRST preferred course of action is to:



You have just your NACE CIP Level 2 certification when you are asked to supervise a team of uncertified field pipeline inspectors.
Your FIRST preferred course of action is to:



You are NACE Level 2 Inspector working on a tank lining job where a mobile centrifugal blast unit is being used to blast the tank floor to a NACE No.1/SSPC SP 5. The Contractor has completed his final blast and has called for a hold point inspection. This is the 1 st time you have seen field-based centrifugal blast cleaning. You observe what appears to be staining on the substrate however the Contractor assures you this is normal when using centrifugal blast units and what you are seeing is what is defined in the standard as an acceptable variation in appearance.
Your FIRST preferred course of action is to:



When performing an inspection in accordance with ASTM D 4138 the Inspector will use:



You are the NACE Level 2 Inspector on a project where overcoating of galvanized steel is being performed. The specification references SSPC SP 16 as the surface preparation method. At the pre-job meeting, operations personnel make it clear that abrasive blasting will not be permitted. The Owner’s representative asks you what other methods might be used.
Of the options shown below, what would be the preferred option in this situation?



Which standards are generally established by private-sector bodies and are available for use by any person or organization, private or government?



Measuring methyl ethyl ketone (MEK) resistance of ethyl silicate inorganic zinc-rich primers by solvent rub requires



The most likely area of failure on a buried external pipeline coating is the:



Ideally, documentation requirements should be defined:



In powder coatings, when the particles of powder begin to flow but are not fully liquid, they are in what stage?



NACE Standards include:



Non-Conformance Reports are designed to:



When completing the Final Inspection report the Inspector should write the report using:



An Inspection and Test Plan is required when:



Cold-applied tape



Generally for safety considerations, water jetting hose connections use



Inspector reports should always be copied to:



Which product, when closely inspected has a green or red layer of fusion bonded epoxy (FBE) that is visible directly on the steel?



You are a NACE Level 2 in-house inspector working in a shop. Your in-house requires you to perform a sleeve test to test for soluble salts; however, the 3 rd party NACE Level 3 inspector, the owner, has a san smart meter and has achieved a very different result and has rejected the pre-cleaning.
Your FIRST course of action is to:



Individuals conducting Coating Surveys should:



Coating surveys may include which steps?
Select All That Apply:



In which type of concrete is laitance commonly encountered?



The standards defining surface cleanliness achieved by centrifugal blast cleaning are:



You are a NACE Level 2 Coating Inspector who has just arrived on a job in progress where there is no Inspection and Test Plan (ITP). The first morning you arrive the job is behind schedule and you are asked to take DIY Film Thickness readings.
Your FIRST preferred course of action is to:



Steel shot grit contaminated with oil or grease used in a centrifugal blast cleaning should be



NACE International Standards are developed by:



In the event of a conflict between the Product Data Sheet and the Specification:



External coatings applied to buried pipelines are generally tested for:



Surface preparation methods for Non-ferrous metals are:



When performing testing in accordance with ASTM D 2583 the inspector may observe:



On pipelines, which coating is identifiable by its distinct colors, usually light blue, green, or grey?



You are the NACY Coating Inspector on a tank lining project where desiccant dehumidification is being used. Since the first shift of abrasive blasting your readings has indicated relative humidity below 40%; however on the second shift of coating application your readings are indicting 80%.
Your FIRST preferred course of action is to:



When performing a hardness test on a coating that has elastic properties the inspector is likely to observe:



A reinforced coating is



Examples of non-ferrous metals include
Select All that Apply:



You should bulk store coatings containing isocyanates



WJ-1 is always performed using UHWJ at pressures above 210 MPa (30,000 PSI)



Individuals conducting Coating Surveys should:



When working with someone who is very concerned about Stability and maintaining adherence to the status-quo, the Inspector should try to:



You are working as the only in-house NACE Level 2 Inspector in a shop setting when an independent 3 rd party NACE Level 3 Inspector, representing the owner, presents you with a copy of a Non-Conformance Report (NCR) he has written for a NACE2/SSPC SP 10 centrifugal blast which you had previously approved.
Your FIRST preferred course of action is to:



Because a NACE Level 2 Inspector has been trained in specific destructive tests, it is up to the Inspector to decide if and when a destructive test is required.



NACE No.13/ SSPC 6 identifies the use of:



You are the NACE Coating Inspector on a tank lining project and are asked to perform a high voltage holiday test after the coating applicators have completed their final repairs. After meeting all the confined space entry permits you enter the tank and notice a very strong odor of solvent.
Your first course of action should too:



The cost of qualified Coating Inspection is normally offset by:



The coating applicator has ignored an enface preparation hold point and applied coating over the surface without a sign-off from you as the inspector.
Your FIRST preferred course of action is to:



When environmental enclosures are being used an inspector needs to be concerned about:



You are the NACE Level 2 Coating Inspector where SSPC PA 2 has been specified with an additional requirement that no individual gauge reading shall be below a certain value.
As this is not part of the standard you should:



From a corrosion perspective, the main difference between Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Metals is:



It is always possible to see moisture on a steel substrate:



When conducting inspections the Inspector should follow which standards:



When observing design defects the NACE Inspector should:



When observing fabrication defects the NACE Inspector should:



Centrifugal blast cleaning requires:



Surface preparation of concrete is performed using:



Differences in technique for abrasive blasting concrete versus steel require the operator to:



The HATE adhesion tester uses



The Concrete Repair Institute’s comparators can be used to assess:



Coating application to concrete substrates is:



Coating Surveys are legally required:



You are a NACE Level 2 Coating Inspector who has just arrived on a job in progress where there is no Inspection and Test Plan (ITP). The first morning you arrive the job is behind schedule and you are asked to take DIY Film Thickness readings. Your FIRST preferred course of action is to:



Which concrete smoothing technique involves scrubbing a mixture of cement mortar over the concrete surface using a cement sack, gunny sack, or sponge rubber float?



When NACE/SSPC WJ 1 is referenced; what type of equipment would the Inspector expect to see on the job:



Thermal Spray coatings provide:



The Inspectors’ goal at the Pre-Job Conference is to:



Dry spray of an inorganic zinc-rich primer may be caused by



SSPC SP-3 is a standard for commercial blasting



The coating inspector should act as a recording secretary during the pre-job meeting.



What degree of white metal is required by NACE#2?



Concrete can readily absorb contaminates.



Repairs to glass lining defects can be made using



Polymer cement is an aggregate-filled resin used for industrial floors and drains systems.



The cathodic disbandment test specifically measures



Polyethylene pipe for gas service is generally jointed together by bell & spigot with an ‘o’ ring gasket.



Mainline coating is defined as the total coating on the body of pipeless any field joint coating



NACE 6H-175 surface preparation and surfacing methods of the cementitious surface.



Efflorescence is caused by



Stoning consists of using a hard trowel to scrub a mixture of finely ground stone over a concrete surface.



Sulphuric acid is the acid most widely used for acid etching concrete surfaces.



When socking or stoning finishing treatments are used on concrete, it is important



The test for soluble iron salts (ferrous) is important because



Fusion bonded epoxy is a thermoset material



FBE generally cures at approximately 816°C (1500°F)



Powder coating cannot be applied by electrostatic spray.



The top interior vapour space of large diameter concrete sewer pipe is often coated with coal tar epoxy or similar products.



Blasting of steel or concrete substrate shall be preceded by



High and ultra-high pressure water jetting do not produce a profile on smooth steel.



In water jetting operations a hose shroud is generally used to provide protection if the hose bursts.



Sheet lining materials effectively bridge small cracks in concrete.



Which of the following may be used to determine the DFT of a coating applied to concrete?



As the relative humidity increases, water evaporates more slowly and the solvent in the coating also evaporates slower



If silica gel becomes contaminated, it will no longer hold moisture



Which of the following does the “S” type deserve?



Soft rubber can be used for hydrochloric acid or for food-grade phosphoric acid service.



When inspecting, glass lining the inspector should undertake a hollow sound hammer test to detect voids.



In the pipeline industry, coaltar enamel used for pipe coating is generally applied in the molten form at a thickness close to



Which of the following may be used to coat girth welds (field joints) on pipelines?



The pipeline coating inspector may be required to



Safe practices in lining operations are only important during surface preparation because of sparks and or electrostatic charges that can be produced.



Inspection for pinholes in a coating is usually performed with a


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