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The basis for a qualitative probability of failure analysis is:



Regardless of whether a more qualitative or quantitative analysis is used, the POF is determined by two main considerations:



Combinations of process conditions and _____________________ for each equipment item should be evaluated to identify active and credible damage mechanisms:



It is important to link the damage mechanism to the most likely resulting__________



In general, an RBI program will be managed by plant inspectors or inspection engineers, who will normally manage risk by managing the POF with inspection and maintenance planning. They will not normally have much ability to modify the ____________________:
a. process flow
b. failure mode
c. POF
d. COF.



The consequence of loss of containment is generally evaluated as loss of fluid to the____________________:



A quantitative method involves using a _____________depicting combinations of events to represent the effects of failure on people, property, the business and the environment :



Results of a quantitative analysis are usually __________________:



It is important to stress that the ____________ of the data should match the complexity of the RBI method used :



The data quality has a direct relation to the relative _________________ of the RBI analysis:



It is important to stress that the ____________ of the data should match the complexity of the RBI method used :



__________in the hydrocarbon process industry are addressed in API 571:



Failure modes identify how the damaged component will_______________



The RBI team should consult with a ______________ to define the equipment damage mechanisms:



Identifying trace constituents (ppm) in addition to the primary constituents in a ____________can be very important as trace constituents can have a significant affect on the damage mechanisms:



Once a credible damage mechanism(s) has been identified, the associated _______________ should also be identified:



In some cases, damage by one mechanism may progress to a point at which a different mechanism takes over and begins to dominate the rate of __________________:



The probability analysis in an RBI program is performed to estimate the probability of a specific adverse consequence resulting from a ______________that occurs due to a damage mechanism(s):



It should be noted that damage mechanisms are not the only causes of loss of containment. Other causes of loss of containment could include but are not limited to all EXCEPT the following:



The accuracy of any type of RBI analysis depends on what?



Changes in the __________________, such as pressure, temperature or fluid composition, resulting from unit abnormal or upset conditions should be considered in the RBI assessment:



The _______________ of the data should be consistent with the RBI method used:



An RBI study may use a qualitative, semi-quantitative and/or quantitative approach. A fundamental difference among these approaches is the amount and detail of :



Generally, a qualitative analysis using broad ranges requires a higher level of judgment, skill and understanding from the user than a more ____________ approach:



________________ uses logic models depicting combinations of events that could result in severe accidents and physical models depicting the progression of accidents and the transport of a hazardous material to the environment:



The semi-quantitative analysis typically requires the same type of data as a quantitative analysis but generally not as:



The data quality has a direct relation to the relative _________________ of the RBI analysis:



As is true in any inspection program, data validation is essential for a number of reasons. Among the reasons for inspection data quality errors are all of the following EXCEPT :



Unfortunately, when this __________________ step has not been a priority before RBI, the time required to do it gets included with the time and resources necessary to do a good job on RBI, leaving the wrong impression with some managers believing that RBI is more time consuming and expensive than it should be :



The selection and type of _______________ used by a facility can have a significant impact on RBI results:



Facilities approaching the end of their economic or operating service life are a special case where _______________ can be very useful. The end of life case for plant operation is about gaining the maximum remaining economic benefit from an asset without undue personnel, environmental or financial risk:



The scope of an RBI assessment may vary between an entire refinery or plant and a single component within a single piece of equipment. Typically, RBI is done on multiple pieces of equipment (e.g. an entire process unit) rather than______________________:



If the scope of the RBI assessment is a multi-unit facility, the first step in the application of RBI is screening of entire process units to rank ____________:



It is often advantageous to group equipment within a process unit into ____________________ where common environmental operating conditions exist based on process chemistry, pressure and temperature, metallurgy, equipment design and operating history:



_________diagrams for the unit may be used to identify the systems including information about metallurgy, process conditions, credible damage mechanisms and historical problems:



In most plants, a large percentage of the total unit risk will be concentrated in a relatively small percentage of the____________________. These potential high-risk items should receive greater attention in the risk assessment:



When emergency systems (e.g. flare systems, emergency shutdown systems) are included in the RBI assessment, their service conditions during both ___________should be considered:



The purpose of establishing _______________is to identify key process parameters that may impact deterioration:



Process conditions during start-up and shutdown can have a significant effect on the risk of a plant especially when they are more severe (likely to cause accelerated deterioration) than normal conditions, and as such should be considered for all equipment covered by the RBI assessment. A good example is____________________:



The normal operating conditions may be most easily provided if there is a process flow model or ____________________ available for the plant or process unit:



Codes and legal requirements vary from one ____________________to another:



An RBI assessment is a ______________________process:



From the understanding of ________________, an inspection program may be designed that optimizes the use of inspection and plant maintenance resources:



The results of managing and reducing risk are all of the following EXCEPT:



Reducing inspection costs is usually not the primary objective of an__________________, but it is frequently a side effect of optimization:



More effective infrequent inspections may be substituted for less effective frequent inspections:



RBI focuses efforts on areas where the ___________________risks exist :



Changing metallurgy of components can reduce ___________:



The objective of RBI is to direct management’s decision process of prioritizing resources to ______________________:



Reduce or limiting available inventories can reduce by what



Impending failure of pressure equipment is not avoided by inspection activities unless the inspection precipitates risk mitigation activities that change the ____________ :



The primary product of an RBI effort should be an _____________ for each equipment item evaluated:



An RBI assessment made on new equipment or a new project, while in the design stage, may yield important information on potential risks. This may allow potential risks to be __________ and have a risk-based inspection plan in place prior to actual installation:



For risks considered unacceptable, the plan should contain the mitigation actions that are recommended to reduce the ________________ to acceptable levels:



The Fitness-For-Service assessment is often accomplished through the knowledge and expertise of the inspector and engineers involved when deterioration is within 57. known acceptable limits, but on occasion will require an engineering analysis such as those contained in API_______:



Some risks cannot be adequately managed by inspection alone. Examples where inspection may not be sufficient to manage risks to acceptable levels are:



The risk-based inspection methodology is intended to complement other risk-based and safety initiatives. The output from several of these initiatives can provide input to the RBI effort, and RBI outputs may be used to improve safety and risk-based initiatives already implemented by organizations. Below are examples of some of these other initiatives EXCEPT the following :



Potential hazards identified in a PHA will often affect the ______________ side of the risk equation:



The RBI system will improve the focus of the inspection plan, resulting in a strengthened _____ program:



Equipment ___________ programs can provide input to the probability analysis portion of an RBI program:



A physical condition or release of hazardous material that could result from component failure and result in human injury or death, loss or damage, or environmental degradation.



Limitation of any negative consequence or reduction in probability of a particular event.



Methods that use engineering judgment and experience as the bases for the analysis of probabilities and consequences of failure.



An analysis that identifies and delineates the combinations of events and estimates the frequency of occurrence for each combination and estimates the consequences.



__________ uses logic models depicting combinations of events.



Quantitative risk analysis logic models generally consist of __________ and __________



__________ delineate initiating events and combinations of systems successes and failures


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Latest API 580 Exam Questions and Answers
Latest API 580 Exam Questions and Answers

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