What Are CWI Wages in California? And is it Worth it?

Here you can read our experts’ opinions about CWI wages in California.

According to Mr. Greg Boyea In 2016, I was making $55 an hour, so I wouldn’t go back for anything under $75.

Mr. Eric Estes is saying I just did two jobs in Northern California. One I was making 63/120. For the other one, I was making 55/150 as a tech. It depends on the plant and area.

Mr. Beau Neill is saying I had a guy I was working with in west Texas leave for California for almost $250 more a day.
He called back in two weeks, begging the chief to come back.

Mr. Rocky Rodriguez is saying Northern California pays around $75ish in the Bay Area. If you’re lucky, you can get on with SWAT, and they pay double the time. As for the per diem, it varies from company to company.
I worked for BHI, which is a union company, in El Segundo, near Los Angeles, back in 2016, and the pay was $60.00, and per diem was $60.00 a day. But they paid for a nice luxury hotel, rented a car for two inspectors, and paid for your flights in and out.

According to Shari Sullivan, You will not be mobbed in or moved out of pay. There is no per diem unless you work. 50 hours per week, If everyone is currently working 40 hours. This year, I made 86 dollars per hour, but 22 dollars were deducted from my pay because I had to join the union. Per diem is per county; you never know what you’re going to get. There is no per diem on weekends unless you work.

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