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Here you can take Free ASNT NDT IR Level 2 Exam Practice Test with Latest Infrared Testing Method Question and Answers


Infrared cameras measure:



A camera has an IFOV of 1.9 mRad. What is its theoretical minimum spot size at a distance of 100 cm?



The slit response function is used to measure:



What is the most important factor when inspecting electrical equipment using IR?



The plant’s main switchgear is to be inspected. The main switchgear has a new aluminum busbar. The emissivity of the new aluminum busbar is approximate:



What weather conditions are necessary for conducting a thermal infrared roof inspection?



How should the level and span be set when inspecting overhead electrical bus plugs?



A thermal infrared inspection of a building is conducted to determine the presence of insulation. What is the recommended minimum temperature difference between inside and outside?



An object that is not at thermal equilibrium with its surrounding environment is said to be:



If the amount of insulation in an attic is increased from 10 cm to 20 cm (3.94 in. to 7.87 in.) what effect does it have on the conductive heat transfer?



If the temperature difference from inside a house to outside the house decreases from 36 to 9 °C (64.8 to 16.2 °F), what effect does it have on the conductive heat transfer through the walls?



When a thermal imaging radiometer is out of calibration and reading temperatures incorrectly, what can be done to bring it back into radiometric calibration?



The effects of the sun can prevent the accurate inspection of light-frame buildings. In accordance with ASTM C 1060, how long should a wall of light frame construction be free from direct solar radiation in order to conduct an infrared inspection of the wall?



A kilogram of each of the following materials is heated to 90 °C (194 °F). Which of the following materials has the most stored thermal energy?



Latent heat energy can be described as:



Which of the following surfaces will generally provide the most accurate radiometric temperature measurement?



The instantaneous field of view (IFOV) measurement of a radiometric system is 1.2 mRad. What is the maximum size object this system can accurately measure at a distance of 25 m?



The accuracy of the liquid level gauge on the 946 353 L (250 000 gal) oil tank is being questioned. Verification of the liquid level is critical but the safety manager is not available to issue a confined entry permit to physically verify the level. It is springtime. Last night was cool and it is now noon and a bright sunny day. What might you consider to determine the oil level?



How hot does an electrical connection need to be for it to be classified as a serious problem?



Most imaging infrared radiometers operate in the 3 to 5 or 8 to 12 um band. This is because of:



Longwave (8-14 μm) infrared thermography is an excellent tool for inspecting all except which of the following:



While doing an IR inspection of a heated stainless steel component with several surface holes you notice that one of the holes appears hotter than the others. What could explain this?



After heating one side of a honeycomb composite with a 4-ply graphite-epoxy face sheet, and thermally viewing from the same side, you notice a dark or cool indication that seems to be confined to a group of honeycomb cells. What is the probable cause of this thermal pattern?



From the ground, you see a hot spot on a 1 in. (2.54 cm) bolted connector of a transmission line that is approximately 27.4 m (90 ft) away. When you go to measure the temperature, it reads much lower than you think it should be, in fact, it appears to be below ambient. What is a probable reason?



Thin film plastics, such as polyethylene, are thermally different from most materials because they are:



Why is infrared thermal imaging often used by building analysts to locate mold growth?



Which of the following materials has the highest thermal capacitance?



Which of the following factors will have the greatest affect on the accuracy of temperature measurement of a loose connection on a copper alloy bolted plate connection? Assume the copper has an emissivity of 0.28.



Which of the following lists gives the correct order for the thermal capacitance of the materials? Assume list goes from highest to lowest thermal capacitance.



To measure the temperature of heater tubes in a natural gas-fired furnace using a mid-wave sensing system you must:



You have found a motor bearing that is 32 °F warmer than normal. Convert this temperature difference (AT) to degrees Celsius.



Which of the following typically has the greatest influence on taking a radiometric temperature measurement on a low-emissivity object?



Which of the following camera settings has the greatest impact on taking an accurate temperature measurement of an object that actually has an emissivity of 0.87, a background temperature of 23.9 °C (75 °F), relative humidity of 50%, and a distance to the object is 3.05 m (10 ft)?



While conducting a roof moisture inspection at night after a sunny day, why is it important for the roof surface to be dry?



Which of the following materials emits quite differently in the mid-wave (3.5-5 microns) band than in the long-wave band (8-14 microns)?



Using an infrared system with an IFOV measurement ratio of 180:1. What is the smallest size object you can accurately measure at a distance of 3 m (3.3 ft)?



You are looking at an electrical connection 20 m in the air. What IFOV measurement is required to accurately measure the temperature on the 2.54 c (1 in.) head of a bolt?



The IR system being used stores images to videotape. Back in the office, you find you’d like to adjust the level and span of an image. How is this accomplished?



The easiest and cheapest way to improve the spatial resolution of a thermal image is to:



The atmospheric attenuation for imaging systems that sense 8-12 microns of thermal radiation is:



When looking at a thermal image, the thermographer is viewing:



As a surface cools, the peak of its radiated infrared energy:



The spectral band in which glass transmits infrared radiation most efficiently is the region.



When water freezes:



The energy content of a gram of steam at 100 °C (212 °F) is much higher than that of a gram of water at 100 °C (212 °F) because of the:



The heat capacity of an object is:



What component of earth’s atmosphere will completely or partially absorb infrared electromagnetic energy in the wave band of 6-8 um?



Since wind will convectively cool building components reducing thermal differences, it is not advisable to perform building inspections on the windward side when air speeds are in excess of:



Which of the following statements regarding infrared emission and absorption is false?



Radiosity is defined as:



Distribution of energy over the wavelength spectrum for a given temperature is best described by which of the following?


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ASNT NDT IR Level 2 Exam Practice Test
Take A Free ASNT NDT IR Level 2 Exam Practice Test – Quiz Course

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