Section 2 Normative References – CWI Part C

Quiz -Section 2 Normative References – CWI Part C -7 Questions


Which of the referenced documents is used by Annex A for evaluating fracture toughness?



Which organization writes most of the NDT specifications cited in API  1104?



Which organization writes the feller metal specifications referenced in API 1104?



Which organization writes a document on personnel certification in NDT methods that is cited by API 1104?



Which of the following is a specification that lists carbon steel rods for use with the GTAW process?



Which of the following describes procedures for UT of weldments?



Which of the following is a document that provides guidance for the selection of metallic materials for oil fled equipment when sulfide stress cracking is a concern?



Section 2: Normative References

Study Guide for API 1104 (21 st Edition)

This section lists the standards, codes, and specifications incorporated by reference throughout the standard.

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