What is the 1G Horizontal Rolled Welding Position?

Understanding the 1G Horizontal Rolled Welding Position: Definition and Application

The 1G horizontal rolled position in welding refers to a situation where the pipe is in a horizontal position and can be rotated along the horizontal (X) axis. The welder’s position remains stationary, meaning the welder performs the welding at a single plane or point, and the pipe is being rotated slowly.

1G – Horizontal Rolled Position
1G – Horizontal Rolled Position

This position is often used for smaller pipes that can be manually rotated, but for larger pipes, machinery is used to rotate them. Welding is performed on the top surface of the pipe. This is considered the most basic pipe welding position.

However, the exact techniques and procedures can vary depending on the specific welding process and material being used. Always refer to the specific welding procedure specification for the most accurate information

What are the other welding positions?

  1. Flat Position (1G and 1F)
  2. Horizontal Position (2G and 2F)
  3. Vertical Position (3G and 3F)
  4. Overhead Position (4G and 4F)
  5. Inclined Position

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