Good News For Indian Students Who Want To Go To Canada

Good News For Indian Students Who Want To Go To Canada
Good News For Indian Students Who Want To Go To Canada

The new update: Here is the Good News For Indian Students Who Want To Go To Canada.

International Desk (Language): Indians Students who are wishing to go to Canada may get good news soon.  A large number of Indians Students have to wait a long time for a Canadian visa. Therefore, Canada’s High Commission assured that it is working to improve the situation and said it understands their “disappointment and anger.”

It is worth noting that thousands of Indian students enroll in Canada’s universities and colleges for higher education each year. Therefore, getting a visa appointment is actually the last hurdle for students to join the new term on time, and if this process is delayed, it can be frustrating.

Due to long waiting times, Indian students who are planning to go to Canada for higher education are facing difficulty in getting visa appointments. The Canadian High Commission said that every week, thousands of Indian students are receiving their visas. And we will continue to make every effort to reduce wait times.

They said We understand your frustration and anger and want to assure you that we are working to improve the situation.  In fact, we have been processing applications throughout the year, including study permits for September 2022 intake. The commission said that thousands of students in India are getting their visas every week.

We will continue to make every effort to reduce waiting times despite the unprecedented volume of applications we receive.

The Canada visa appointment processing time is more than 12 weeks.

Canada is one of the favorite places for Indian students. The High Commission said the current processing time for study permit applications globally is 12 weeks. The High Commission said while the processing time is increasing in India until 2022, we are making every effort to reduce waiting time in our services globally. 

They said we request students who are still awaiting the outcome of their visa applications at this stage contact their designated learning institute in Canada to discuss options if they are unable to arrive on time for the start of classes.

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