How to Apply Online for GCMS Notes from India?

Here we are talking about how to apply for GCMS Notes from India.

Apply Online for GCMS Notes from India
How to Apply Online for GCMS Notes from India?

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Hello friends, If you have applied for immigration or citizenship to Canada and would like to know the status of your application, you would need to order the GCMS notes. This article will be very helpful to you. Continue reading the full article to easily apply for GCMS Notes.

In this post we are covering all the topics:

  • What is GCMS notes?
  • Why do you want to order it?
  • Who can order it?
  • How much time will it take?
  • Which documents are needed?
  • How do you apply for it?

Lets Start!

What is GCMS notes?

GCMS stands for Global Case Management System and is used by IRCC to process immigration and citizenship applications. This system contains all the application files and documents submitted by the applicant officer for review and all other relevant information. The GCMS note is issued under the access of information act.

Why do you want to order GCMS Notes?

If you are an applicant who has applied for immigration for so long and hasn’t gotten any update from the IRCC, then this GCMS note is for you. By ordering a GCMS note, you will come to know What’s going on with your application right now? What is the status of your application What is IRCC reviewing right now? Do you need to provide any additional documentation in order to keep your application moving further? Also, if you’ve ever been rejected by the IRCC for any of your immigration or citizenship applications, you’ll want to apply for the GCMS notes. That’s the only way to understand what went wrong with your application in the past and what the reason for the rejection was.

Who Can Apply for GCMS Notes?

Since the access to information act gives an individual a right to access records that come under federal government institutions, it is only limited to Canadian residents, permanent residents, and Canadian citizens. They can also apply for the GCMS notes. So the question is, how can someone who is not residing in Canada get GCMS notes? They can do it by choosing a representative. Let me explain how that works.
If you are residing outside of Canada and want your GCMS notes, you need to ask someone who is living inside Canada. They can apply on your behalf. You need to submit consent from IMM 5744 to give them authority with that consent form An individual from Canada can apply for GCMS notes on your behalf because yes when you are giving that consent form, you are giving authority to an individual to access your personal records, so be extra careful

To find consent from IMM 5744, please check the below consent from IMM 5744 and Download it. If you would like to know more about the representative, you can ask me in the comment section or (email us at )
Click Here to Download the Consent form IMM 5744

How long does it take to receive GCMS Notes?

Generally, it takes IRCC 20 to 30 days to respond to excess information requests. However, sometimes IRCC will take an extended period of time to give you a response when a large number of records have been requested. In general, you can expect 20 to 40 days of timeline in order to receive your GCMS notes.

Which documents do you need for the GCMS Notes Application?

In order to get GCMS notes, an applicant would need an application number along with their basic identification information. UCI Number Optional (Unique Client Identifier) A UCI number is also requested, but that’s not mandatory
For application numbers, you can find them in your CIC account. They are generated immediately after you submit your request to the IRCC. For example,

  • The permanent resident application number starts with E
  • Work Permit application number starts with W
  • Study Permit application number starts with S
  • and Visitor Visa application number starts with V

On the other hand, UCI is a unique client identifier and it only generates one IRCC to start processing your request The UCI number will remain the same across all applications for one applicant.

How to Apply for GCMS Notes?

If you want to apply for GCMS notes via the access of information act, you will have two options
1. You can submit your request online
2. Alternatively, you need to submit all of your documentation by mail.
To apply online, you will need to go to the ATIP online request portal, fill out the requested details, and submit a five-dollar application fee. That’s it! Your application has been completed.

Here is the link to access that portal: ATIP online request portal

If you are not comfortable submitting an application online, you can always submit your request by mail. To do so, you need to fill out the form IMM 5563. Also, you need to submit a check for five dollars payable to the receiver general for Canada.

Finally, along with the requested five-dollar check and all supporting documents, you need to courier your complete package to the address that you are looking at below:
Access to Information and Privacy Division
Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada
Ottawa, Ontario
K1A 1L1

In my personal experience out of both of the options, the online application process is a much easier and faster way to get GCMS notes that’s it, friends

Good News For Indian Students Who Want To Go To Canada

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